Our customers are our best advertisers.  Here are what they are saying about YetiTac's gear!

"I have been running this OWB rig for about two weeks now. I have to say it looks to have kicked my Galco rig to the curb. Rides close, holds securely really spreads the weight out so my pants don't need constant adjustment to fight gravity. Only down side Now I need one for my TRP and my Double Column Para." - Rusty (Flex OWB Holster)

"Yetitac delivered just as promised! Great functionality with expert craftsmanship and good value! Love my Yetitac Custom Holster!" - Michael B. (YetiPro OWB Holster and MultiMag Carrier)

"My Yetitac OWB for the Sig 250C came in. Perfect doesnt even begin to describe it." - Brandon G. (YetiPro OWB)

"Perfection! Thank you YetiTac!" - Jessica G. (EDCPaddle OWB Holster)

"Thank you yetitac...just got this holster and am already in love...i can see me selling some holsters in the near future because they wont be getting worn anymore." - Todd S. (YetiPro OWB with Light)

"Thank you Yetitac for great holster and magazine pouches. They performed great during my first natural terrain 3 gun match! Keep up the good work!" - Lisa B. (Comp-S and 4 Single Mag Carriers)

"Quality Quality Quality.  Our Logo Came Out Perfect.  This is a GREAT Company.  Thank You So Much!" - Safari Piercing (Yeti07 IWB Holster)

"Received my custom tiedye holster.  I love it.  It fits so nice." - Dee Page (Comp-S Competition Holster)

"I recently purchased a kydex holster from YetiTac and I have been asked to write a review.
YetiTac does an amazing job.  He uses a high grade material and the end product is very attractive.
I was kept well informed throughout the process.  I used his Bluegun Program and I was informed when the mold gun arrived at his shop, as well as when he was about to start the project.  Then, a few days later I was sent a picture of the almost completed holster, lacking only the belt loops, with an ETA on completion.  And delivery was exactly when it was promised.
Overall I am very happy with this purchase and am already planning on at least one more as a gift." - Buddy Stacy (YetiPro OWB Holster)

"I've had my Yeti07 Carbon Fiber for a couple weeks now.  I have been using it daily to carry my Glock 42.  This is an outstanding option for "in the waistband" concealed carry.  Its comfortable and secure.  This is a quality product with premium fit and finish.  And.... its fast.  Super easy to clip on to your belt.  I appreciate the excellent communication during the entire purchase.  Thank You" - Travis Anderson (Yeti07 IWB Holster)

"By far my favorite holster for my Sig 250C. Fit and finish are perfect. The white kydex looks even better in person" - Brandon Gray (YetiPro OWB Holster)

"Amazing. Bought a set for my husband, and now I need one!" - Meagan Williams (EDCDUO)

"My pistol is not a very common one, and they did a perfect job on shaping it.  I will be buying another one, but more customized next time!" - Blayne Smith (Yeti07 IWB Holster)

"Received my order in 6 days after placing my order. Company is outstanding! Was updated during the process, was sent pictures during the build. I'm very very pleased with this holster." - Gregory Goelz (YetiPro OWB Holster)

"I recently got my custom holster, and I love it! I will not shop anywhere else!  Great customer service and communication throughout the build process!" - Jessica Jameson

"Look what the Yeti dragged in. Hell yes. outstanding workmanship! will be order a new sheath soon. cant wait." - Christopher Cannon (TactiCool Dip Can Holster)

"TRB Firearms Training I received my order in two business days from initial order. That was a very nice surprise but it didn't end there. The finish is amazing. The corners are rounded, the belt clips are adjustable for cant, though I prefer straight draw. The fit was perfect. There is no play once the pistol is inserted and it fits a 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, and 27. Yes I own and have tested all six models in the holster. There is a retention adjustment and I like a mine tight so... it is torqued down as much as possible. It also wears extremely well. I almost forgot I had it on today after 30 minutes of wearing. Draw on the range and re-holstering are also extremely easy. I didn't think I'd like the full sweat shield on the back side of the holster but have grown to love it. My suggestion...buy one for every gun you have and buy it in multiple patterns. I will soon be ordering one for my Sigs, and Smith and Wesson M&P. YetiTac are the best in my book as I have now boxed up my BladeTech and Serpas." - Justin Porter (YetiPro OWB Holster)

"Yetitac does it again!  Mag carrier is perfect.  Ordered, made, shipped, and received in three days!" - Justin Porter (Single Mag Carrier)

"I received my Valhalla Project special edition holster in yesterday's mail. It's beautiful and fits my Glock 17 perfectly (pardon the "fun" digicam on the gun detracting from the classiness of the holster). Can't wait to get it on the range!!" - Jessica Braun (YetiPro OWB Holster)

"Love my yetitac holster! Super comfortable and great service!" - Colton Bullard (Yeti07 IWB Holster)

"Excellent work.  Didn't get any range time with it today but I'll put it through its paces tomorrow after church!  Can't say enough good things about your holsters!" - Justin Porter (YetiPro OWB Holster)

"Got my zombie green Yeti Pro Holster in today and absolutle love it everything AAA++++ Thanks Guys!!" - Chasen (YetiPro OWB Holster)

"So happy with this holster! I'm dragging my wife and kids out of the house just so I have an excuse to wear it! Yetitac you're hands down the best in the business." - Gregory (YetiPro OWB Holster)

"Yetitac delivered just as promised!  Great functionality with expert craftsmanship and good value!  Love my Yetitac Custom Holster!" - Michael Botello-Eyelash (YetiPro OWB Holster and Dual Mag Carrier Set)

"Thanks a ton! Awesome job!" - David Pittman (YetiPro OWB Holster and Single Mag Carrier)

"Wore my new Yetitac holster last night and wow. I love how secure it feels and how well it fit my gun. Super quick on production and shipping! Will be ordering again for sure." - Lacey Mellor (Yeti07 IWB Holster)

"Great customer service!  I needed lots of hand holding and they never made me feel stupid or annoying. The holster is awesome and fits my gun like a glove." - Kimberly Tranum (Yeti07 IWB Holster)

"Just thought I'd touch base with you guys and let you know the IWB holster I purchased from you last month has performed beautifully. I had a Concealed Carry Scenario class last night and shot about 150 rounds and from holster live fire under pressure about 12 times. It had great retention without being too tight and kept my Glock 26 close enough to my body to conceal without printing. Not an easy thing to do on female curves. The holster also stayed put inside my waistband even without a belt. Thank you so much for your awesome product! Keep up the good work!" - Mary Mcallister (Yeti07 IWB Holster)

"Superb Quality!  If you are serious about a quality Kydex Holster, this is your place.  A+++ craftsmanship." - Burt Smith (Yeti07 IWB Holster)

"Wonderful work and great people!!! Just got my custom holster and I absolutely love it!!!" - Carissa Nichol Zarnke-Baker (YetiPro OWB Holster)

"Amazing workmanship! This is by far the best holster I have ever owned. Had a custom OWB made for my S&W M&P shield .40 and it fits like a dream. Comfortable and the positioning is perfect for a quick and accurate draw every time. The customer service was out of this world. The graphics are amazing. This company has made a life-long customer. Now I have to buy more pistols just so I can get more holster . Highly recommended their services." - Christopher Cannon (YetiPro OWB Holster)

"So I had them make me a holster for my Glock 23 gen 4 and its awesome extremely comfortable you can't tell that I even have it on the draw is smooth but the gun still feels extremely secure which is amazing I also loved that they kept me in the loop about what was going on as they were making it all in all amazing holster and amazing customer service." - Zek Pugh (Yeti07 IWB Holster)