Refund Policy for All YetiTac Purchases

There are NO Refunds.

If there is an issue with your holster or other gear, we will repair or replace it at our discretion.

If we cannot agree on a solution to an issue, store credit or a gift certificate will be issued in the amount paid.

If you cancel an order after 24 hours has passed, you will be issued store credit on your account or a gift certificate.
If the item ordered is a custom item, the amount received will be less up to 40% to recoup money spent on custom parts and materials purchased to complete your order.

Any changes requested to an order in our system will be done in the following order to minimize error and keep timelines accurate. The original order will be cancelled and the total will be refunded to store credit so the customer can replace the order with the new changes.  Any difference in the order price will either remain as store credit or be made up by your choice of payment from the options present on our checkout page.  This is to maintain an accurate batching of orders and to maintain a clean workflow.