Media Features

This page will be used to show our various media features online and in print.  Check back often to see where YetiTac shows up next!

Thank you to for their review on our FireSide IWB and Quick Claw OWB for the Glock 43/TLR-6 combo. Read the article here:

Thank you to for their review on our YetiPro OWB holster for the Glock 43.  Read the article here:

Thank you to Combat Handguns Magazine for featuring our Quick Claw OWB in the September issue!

Thanks to USConcealed Carry for their awesome review and feature of our Quick Claw OWB Holster.  Read the article here:

Thanks to Tactical-Life for featuring our Yeti07 IWB on your article "Must Have Accessories for the Glock 43"

Thanks to for listing us on the Glock 43, Glock 42, and H&K VP9 holster listing!

Thanks to Tactical-Life for our feature article about our Glock 43 Holsters!

Thanks to NRA SHARP Daily for featuring an interview with YetiTac!

Thanks to for featuring our holsters in your article on the Beretta 92A1!

Thanks to the Tahlequah Daily Press for featuring YetiTac in your new businesses of Tahlequah article!