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Q: My order has been in awaiting shipment since X date, can you tell me when it's going to ship?
A: Orders are put into "Awaiting Shipment" when they are rolled into a working batch.  Items in the working batches ship as soon as they are complete. The reason we put your order into Awaiting Shipment is to show you that your order is being worked.  This is the only status we have available in our Ecommerce software between Order Received and Order Shipped. As soon as your order is complete, it is bagged up and shipped that day or the next.  At this time you will receive an email from our automated system that will send you the USPS tracking information.

Q: Can you tell me what the lead times are for a certain holster?
A: All current lead time estimates are listed here and updated as possible: http://www.yetitac.com/lead-times/  If your order is still within these lead times, please do not send us an email asking when your item will ship.  We build these orders out as quickly as possible.  Some items go over lead time estimates due to circumstances outside of our control.  If your order contains any of the following items, it could be delayed from our supplier: (Holsters with GCode parts such as the Yeti Ultimate, TacRig Drop Leg Holster, any of the GCode parts by themselves, Cordura Wrapped Kydex, Graphic Kydex, any orders where we are ordering a mold for you to complete your build, Graphic Kydex custom or standard (these are produced out of our shop's control by a third party with their own lead times).
Lead times are an estimate and are fluid.  We always try to keep all builds within time frame estimates to the best of our control.

Q: How do I get LEO, Military, Fire, and EMS Pricing?
A: Send us an email to yetitac@gmail.com prior to ordering with the following information: Department or Branch you work for and a copy of your credentials.  We will send you the discount code so you can place your order and have it flagged for LEO/MIL priority build scheduling when possible.

Q: I ordered a Black Label holster, can you tell me when it's going to be shipped?
A: In short, no.  Black Label items are currently No ETA from time of order.  We build them as time permits after normal hours and we do not schedule them in any time frame that is regular. 

Q: I would like to cancel my order. How can I do this?
A: If your order is within the first 24 hours, we can cancel and refund immediately to you via your form of payment.  After 24 hours, all cancelled orders will be refunded to store credit.  Some orders may be subject to a cancellation fee of up to 40% of the original purchase price of the order to recoup funds spent to obtain parts, materials, molds, graphics, etc to complete your specific build. Black Label items are Pre-Orders and are all non-refundable. 

If you feel that the FAQ's were not able to answer your question(s) please feel free to submit a contact us form below.  If you have an order with us, please include that order number so we can more easily answer your question(s).