Blue Line Duty Holster

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Blue Line

The "Blue Line" Duty Holster is our offering for the Duty Carry LEO crowd.  This holster is built on the RTI Optimal Pistol Drop and comes standard with an SLS Level 2 Hood.  All Blue Line Duty Holsters are built with .093" thickness Kydex for a more robust package.  It's even stronger than our standard OWB holsters to keep up with the demands of every day duty carry.  This holster will be offered for a limited group of guns and lights for the initial release.  As time goes on, we will offer more combinations for our LEO customers. 

Since the Blue Line holster shell is built on the RTI platform, it is compatible with all RTI attachment items listed in the RTI section of our website. This adds a great deal of value for those officers who need a drop leg holster and a duty capable holster.  Buy the Blue Line and the extra leg drop and you can have the best of both worlds.

Parts are ordered from GCode as soon as the orders are placed.  The Optimal Pistol drops take between 2-8 weeks for us to get them in.  We are at the mercy of our supplier currently on this piece.  When you place your order, please keep this in mind.

This item is listed as a custom build item and is subject to the Custom Builds Lead Time.  Please refer to our homepage at for details.  If you have any questions please contact us at