Gun Belts and do you need one?

Posted by Yeti001 on Jun 11th 2015

Depending on who you talk to, some will tell you that you don't really need a specially made gun belt and that a regular leather belt will do.  While some holsters don't necessarily require a gun belt to be worn, their performance is increased by a large factor with the aid of a supportive, purpose built gun belt.  I have tried many different styles and have just ordered an SOE EDC belt.  They are designed for every day carry of a pistol in a holster, along with any other items you wish to put on the belt.

At YetiTac, we know that not everyone is going to buy a purpose built gun belt and sometimes will carry their gun with no belt at all, but we do recommend that you use an actual gun belt with any holster.  -Yeti001