New Look for

Posted by Yeti on Jan 15th 2017

We have just completed a transformation of  We are working to make our site more modernized and make things easier to find for our customers.We have also rolled out the new Spectrum … read more

Yeti07 Featured in GUNS Magazine

Nov 20th 2015

The first little IWB holster we started building in the beginning, our Yeti07, is now all grown up and was recently featured in GUNS Magazine in an article by the legendary Massad Ayoob.  Very ha … read more


Posted by Yeti001 on Oct 8th 2015

Please take a moment to read the updated FAQ's.  We have been getting a lot of new questions and have got our system updated to help with some ready answers.  -Yeti001

Quick Claw is Sweeping the Nation!

Posted by Yeti001 on Jun 19th 2015

Since we released the YetiTac Quick Claw into the wild, it has become one of the favorite holster models for our YetiTac fans!  It's also attracted the attention of some big gun writers who have … read more

Gun Belts and do you need one?

Posted by Yeti001 on Jun 11th 2015

Depending on who you talk to, some will tell you that you don't really need a specially made gun belt and that a regular leather belt will do.  While some holsters don't necessarily require a gun … read more